Co:LAB Festival - Easy Kill


We've reached the end of our first week of rehearsal for Minus Touch

If you're not in the know; we've been invited to present the development of our new play at the Royal Exchange as part of Co:LAB Festival (which is all FREE!!) on Sunday 23rd July.

Minus Touch will combine live music, film-making and projection to present our lives on stage, on screen and online, exploring the reflective void of modern connection. 


Excitingly, there are a number of artists collaborating with us who we have never worked with before. So we want to take this chance to introduce them to you.

First up, Manchester's hottest five piece 'doom-pop' band, EASY KILL, whose lead singer/guitarist will be playing live to provide the soundtrack for Minus Touch.

Consisting of Theo Tobias, Ronan Clowes, Alex Howes, Andrew Keaveney and Thomas Short, EASY KILL's label fierce panda records describes their music as:

All spectral synthetic layers and perplexed vocals which are part sadfaced alt.rock party, part post-Alt-J sonic japery.”
— fierce panda records

EASY KILL will be providing both live sound for the performance, as well as recorded music from their upcoming debut album 'melanscholar'.

Having honed their sound with previous releases, ‘Already Entitled’ EP (2015) and ‘Sermons’ EP (2016), their album is a little more ambitious, both sonically and thematically. It's a concept album about life in the afterlife.

With the launch happening at The Lexington in London on July 19th, it's going to be a busy week for the 'doom-pop' boys. 

“It [the album] follows the journey of a lost soul, trying to find its bearings in the afterlife. The story is an allegory about growing up and learning to adapt to circumstances outside of your control.”

It's been great working with the band and we're looking forward to sharing the fruits of our collaboration.

If you want to hear their music beforehand, you can find them on Spotify or go straight to their very own soundcloud page.