Catching Comets: The First Actor

If Batman and Superman put the past behind them and decided to raise their own superhero child, no doubt he would grow up to closely resemble this OG Ransack founder.

For the man who needs no introduction...

My on-screen hero is Josh Baskin from the film Big played by Tom Hanks. Even though he is only a 12 year old in an adult body, he deals with that REALLY well I mean, he ends up doing great. But most of all, he shows everyone else how to be better adults. And he is does it by just being a big kid!
— Ali Michael

For me Catching Comets is about fear and fantasies.

The play is about what happens when we let our fears consume us and turn to seemingly harmless fantasies.
— Ali Michael
Ali Michael

Ali Michael

Ali is an original co-founder of Ransack Theatre, going right back to 2014. He has been in Ransack’s previous work including The Dumb Waiter, Enveloped in Velvet and MOTH, which won a Manchester Theatre Award for Best Fringe Production in 2018. A man with many hats, he is also a facilitator and a producer, last year taking The Political History of Smack and Crack by Ed Edwards to Paines Plough’s Roundabout at Edinburgh Festival, Soho Theatre and the Mustard Tree.

Previous acting credits include:  Zucchini (52two), Crops (The Yard, Live Drafts), Operation Black Antler (Blast Theory), SNATCH (Little Island Productions), Protons: The Play (Big Egg Theatre) A Vocation (Arcola Theatre), Kristin Lavransdatter (Theatre Ad Infinitum, North Wall); Enveloped in Velvet (Flow Salford/Arts Theatre London); Matchstick Models(Theatre Arlecchino); Constellations (Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre); The Dumb Waiter(HOMEmcr/NSDF); Fat Penguins or Chubby Polar Bears (Theatre Arlecchino); The News (West Yorkshire Playhouse).

Catching Comets will preview at Waterside Arts in Sale on 21st & 22nd July 2019 as part of RE:FRACT Festival, before performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Pleasance Courtyard between 31st July - 25th August 2019.