Associate Artist - Catt Belcher

I've never really tried blogging before so we'll see how this goes- you may have to bare with me...

Hello! I'm Catt Belcher, and I'm a theatre and events producer based in Manchester. In October 2016, I had the privilege of being approached by Ransack to come and meet them to talk about their new show.

I was excited.

To me, Ransack is one of the few companies on the Manchester Fringe who consistently prove you don't need a huge theatre or a huge budget  to make work of a professional standard. Their seamless blend of new writing and published work has appealed to me- and their choice of play has often mirrored the work i'm drawn to as a producer.

So when I met them and they explained MOTH to me I was a bit blown away...

Was it a site-responsive play like their other work? No. It was to be performed at one of Manchester's most praised up and coming venues.

Was it a subtle and grungy piece like their other work? No. It was going to involve some of the best names in theatre design at the moment.

Was it going to be a Manchester-centric piece, carved from a number of local artists? No. The piece was going to involve creatives from the top of Scotland down to London and everywhere in between. 

It's safe to say, my first experience of working with Ransack wasn't what I had expected. But what a challenge?!

That's why I've come on board... I don't think I've seen a play, at this scale, striving to realise such exciting and innovative ideas.

To me, that's an emerging producer's dream- to work on a project spurned by the creativity of a massive range of brilliant young artists. It's my job to try and make it all happen- to turn ideas into plans and deliver them onto a stage.

It's been an absolute pleasure working closely with the company, and I'm over the moon to be able to call myself an associate artist of Ransack. 

So here's to MOTH, and a series of equally exciting projects in the future!